Helping you remain independent, happy and safe.

People with dementia often feel vulnerable as their condition progresses and they increasingly rely on other people to do things for them. A regular Live-in Carer will reassure and support them and help them to retain some level of independence, will make them feel more secure by creating a regular daily routine in a relaxed environment.

They will be encouraged in a person-centered way with simple everyday tasks; this makes them feel useful and improves their sense of self-worth. This can include getting them to help with the shopping, simple household tasks or light gardening.

It is very important for people with dementia to enjoy their previous hobbies or interests. A Live-in Carer can help them maintain this interest by becoming involved in these activities or taking them on trips or visits.

We are here to help when you need us
  • We offer tailored care to meet the client’s specific needs.
  • Thorough and experienced care management.
  • Small teams of care workers to provide familiarity and continuity.
  • Commitment to our clients and their families.
Dementia Care

Why choose Dementia Care

A Live-in Carer will be able to provide a sense of security through the continuity of daily routines in a familiar environment. On going continual assessment of any behavioural changes and support structures implemented to help your loved one adapt to these changes.

“Helping you to keep your Dignity, Independence and Peace of Mind”

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Dementia Care Services provide

  • Assistance with dressing and personal care.
  • Assistance with washing, bathing, bed bathing (strip washing).
  • Assistance with toileting/incontinence/changing the urine bag.
  • Hoisting clients in and out of bed.
  • Assistance with mobility.
  • Preparing meals and feeding the client.
  • Administering medication.